STOP THE SOIL: No contaminated soil for Ravenhall

About Us

Ravenhall is located in one of the largest growth corridors in Australia. The City of Melton is around 23 kilometres from the CBD with a population projected to grow from 173,072 residents in 2019 to approximately 397,547 by 2041, and ultimately over 500,000. Brimbank City Council is 12 kms from Melbourne CBD and identified as a state significant priority precinct. With a population size of 209,523 in 2019, Brimbank is projected to grow to 230,187 by 2041. These two council areas are significant destinations for major commercial and residential investment in the next 20 years. Together, our councils have a strong voice in Spring Street and our message will have greater impact.

People want to live safely, families want to raise their children and businesses are wanting to invest to provide future regional employment opportunities in the cities of Melton and Brimbank.

Stop the Soil is a community advocacy campaign run jointly by the Melton City and Brimbank Councils. The campaign calls on residents and businesses to contact Government to stop contaminated soil storage at Ravenhall.

For enquiries: 03 9747 7200



Learn more about the Westgate Tunnel Project and the proposal to manage tunnel spoil at Ravenhall, at the key stakeholders' websites:

Westgate Tunnel Project