STOP THE SOIL: No contaminated soil for Ravenhall

The Proposal

        • 2,900,000 metric tonnes of contaminated soil
        • 460 truck movements every day, 7 days a week, 16-18 months 
        • An additional truck movement on our local roads every 3 minutes

 The Westgate Tunnel Project is a significant transformational project for Victoria especially the west of Melbourne to reduce congestion, increase productivity and provide an essential second river crossing to the Westgate Bridge.

The construction of the project is managed by CPB Contractors and John Holland Joint Venture, contracted by Transurban

The project requires construction of two tunnels with 2.9 million metric tonnes of tunnel soil and rock spoil expected to be dug out for approximately 16-18 months. The tunnel construction cannot commence until a solution is found for managing soil that is contaminated with PFAS (Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances).  

Cleanaway, the operator of Melbourne Regional Landfill in Ravenhall, is proposing to construct a Soil Management and Reuse Facility adjacent to their Ravenhall site, to manage the reuse and disposal of tunnel spoil (soil and rock) from the West Gate Tunnel Project.  

No-one knows the real long term impact of PFAS so transparency so a rigorous testing and management plan is critical. 

Should the proposal by Cleanaway be approved, it is expected an additional 460 truck movements per day, seven days per week for the entire 16-18 months will be travelling on local roads. That’s an additional truck movement on our local roads every 3 minutes.